Connection Training The Heart and Science of Positive Horse Training

Connection Training  The Heart and Science of Positive Horse Training
Author : Hannah Weston
Publisher :
Total Pages : 318
Release : 2019-11-09
ISBN 10 : 1916210104
ISBN 13 : 9781916210103
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Connection Training The Heart and Science of Positive Horse Training Book Description:

A practical guide to using reward-based training techniques to create a true partnership with your horse. This leads to lifelong connection, effective problem-solving and joyful performance.

Recommended Practice for Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control 3rd Ed M14

Recommended Practice for Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control  3rd Ed   M14
Author : AWWA Staff
Publisher : American Water Works Association
Total Pages : 136
Release : 2011-01-12
ISBN 10 : 9781613000045
ISBN 13 : 1613000049
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Recommended Practice for Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control 3rd Ed M14 Book Description:

Cross-connection control is one of the most important barriers in the multiple-barrier approach drinking water suppliers use to protect public health. Contamination of a drinking water distribution system through a cross-connection often results in immediate adverse health effects - illness or even death. This Manual provides a total cross-connection control program for your water system. The manual explains how cross-connections and backflow can occur and tells you how to choose, install, and maintain backflow prevention devices. You ll learn the water purveyor s legal responsibilities, as well as the customer s responsibilities in backflow prevention. The manual covers risk assessment, types of programs to consider, and program administration. Until the cross connection control program is fully developed, the water purveyor is at maximum risk of potential liability. This Manual also explains the hydraulics of backflow, the two types of backflow backsiphonage and backpressure, and the conditions that can cause backflow and a potential cross-connection (such as a water main break). You ll get expert guidance in selecting and installing backflow prevention equipment andl learn the 10 main types of backflow prevention devices or assemblies (yes, they are different), and the relative effectiveness of each type against backsiphonage, backpressure, and low and high hazards. The manual describes each device or assembly, its application in a water system, installation requirements. Detailed assembly test procedures are included for the different types of devices and assemblies. This Manual recommends backflow prevention equipment for installation in the water distribution system, as well as raw water-storage reservoirs, chemical feed pumps and injectors, filters, surface washers, saturators and dry chemical solution tanks, sampling lines, hose bib connections, and membrane systems.

Caregiver Connection

Caregiver Connection
Author : DIANE Publishing Company
Publisher : DIANE Publishing
Total Pages : 165
Release : 1989-11-01
ISBN 10 : 9780788113710
ISBN 13 : 0788113712
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Caregiver Connection Book Description:

Provides information and skills training for families and friends who take care of their elderly loved ones. Covers aging changes, listening skills, personal care, home safety, exercise, and much more. Drawings.

The Learning Connection

The Learning Connection
Author : Gene I. Maeroff
Publisher : Teachers College Press
Total Pages : 143
Release : 2001
ISBN 10 : 0807740179
ISBN 13 : 9780807740170
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Learning Connection Book Description:

With support from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation of Kansas City, Missouri, editors Gene I. Maeroff, Patrick M. Callan, and Michael D. Usdan embarked on a significant quest. They commissioned twelve journalists from prominent newspapers to explore the impact, importance, and truth about collaborations between institutions of higher learning and K-12 schools. Their findings are presented in this comprehensive volume. What makes this book unique from others on the topic is that it is the first to offer such a collective body of work. This assemblage of timely information has implications for policy makers in schools and colleges everywhere. In addition, the editors offer a useful organizational framework focused on collaborations involving the following five major themes: Standards; Equity; Teaching; Governance; and Community-building. Covering such topics as what makes a collaboration work, how to deal with flaws, and lessons learned. This book is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the challenges, innovations, and strategies that help define school and college partnerships.


Author : Michael Lingard
Publisher :
Total Pages : 110
Release : 2017-02-14
ISBN 10 : 9781326940225
ISBN 13 : 1326940228
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Connection Book Description:

Back in the time of Copernicus, most would have thought it impossible if you said that you were going to convince everyone that the Earth revolved around the Sun, rather than the other way around, but it did eventually happen! So the idea of convincing everyone that they are not separate from nature & humans are not the center of the universe, but rather just one part of nature's web does not seem too far-fetched either. We must understand that we are all connected together and to the whole dynamic, complex, living entity we call earth, and even to the cosmos.

The Massage Connection

The Massage Connection
Author : Kalyani Premkumar
Publisher : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Total Pages : 677
Release : 2004
ISBN 10 : 0781734762
ISBN 13 : 9780781734769
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Massage Connection Book Description:

This textbook is focused on the anatomy and physiology needs of massage therapy students and practitioners. It gives extensive coverage of the major body systems- integumentary, skeletal, muscular, and nervous -crucial for massage therapy. It also provides an overview of other body systems so students have a well-rounded understanding of anatomy and physiology. (Midwest).