About us​​​​​

MyEsteeme is a small company with a big social goal: to help preschool-aged children appreciate diversity and develop healthy self-esteem by providing educators with an engaging and effective teaching tool.


Our aims include:

  • To influence and stimulate young children towards developing an appreciation of society's shared democratic value ​​of equality, with the goal to give all children the same opportunities regardless of ethnic background.

  • To develop a sense of belonging and healthy self-esteem in young children.

  • To inspire and provide high-quality teaching tools for preschool educators that help them fulfill Skolverket’s “Likabehandlingsplan” requirements.

  • To help children have fun!


Our teaching tool kit has been developed together with child-psychologists, academics and preschool teachers, but the feedback that we appreciate most is from the children themselves!


We at MyEsteeme believe that the color of your skin, your religion or where you come from does not define you. You are good enough as you are!

Meet our dream team

Leslie Alfredsson

CEO & Founder

Masters in Corporate Marketing,

12 years Marketing, Public Relations

and Brand Building.

Oana Vicol


PhD in Marketing and

12 years experience in Marketing,

Business strategy, R&D Analysis. 

Susanna Lewis

Key Account Manager,

Community Builder

Experienced blogger, Parenting group leader. Masters in Regional Development.

Liza Shkirando

Art Director

UX/UI Designer, 10 years experience - game industry and children’s books.

Karina Minda

Child Development Adviser

Master in Clinical Psychology and Psychological Counseling.