MyEsteeme Teaching Tool Kit​​​​​


are you ready to get empowered?

The MyEsteeme multisensorial teaching tool kit is here to help you...

  • Implement the Equal Treatment Plan in your classroom

  • Support the development of healthy self-esteem in children ages 3-5

  • Explain the value of diversity and acceptance

All while having fun!

Our kits come loaded with teacher-tested and child-approved components such as huggable, diverse dolls, an app with Augmented Reality, a catchy song, and a teaching Guide rich with learning objectives, silly games and clever crafts.

Check out our individual components to learn more!


Meet our little friends! The MyEsteeme dolls are five cheerful, ethnically-diverse plush toys. Our 30 cm dolls are “hug-sized” ambassadors of healthy self-esteem! Each CE-certified doll comes with replaceable batteries and an individualized positive affirmation that they repeat when their foot is pressed.

“I like who I am”, “I am smart”, “I am a good friend”, “I am helpful”, “I am good enough as I am”  



Join Mathilda in a guessing-game when she tries to be different animals! The story concludes with a moment of insight when Mathilda realizes that she’s satisfied with herself as she is. The app’s Augmented Reality feature will keep children on their toes and eager to play again!


Our guide book features 25 child-psychologist-recommended and classroom-tested activities designed to help implement the legally required Equal Treatment Plan. By encouraging and strengthening children's compassion and empathy, our suggested activities aim to prevent discrimination and harassment between preschool-aged children. Perfect for time-pressed preschool teachers looking for fun and thought-provoking games, crafts and discussion starters!


FREE! Watch it, try it, love it!

Incorporate the My Esteeme self-esteem boosting phases on a daily basis with our catchy pop song! Our YouTube video features fun, easy to follow dance-steps designed to activate children while the song includes a call-and-response section that helps children learn and internalize the positive affirmations through repetition.