Hi! I’m Leslie and I am a happy CEO. Here’s why...


Hi! I’m Leslie and I am a happy CEO.




Because my colleagues, my dream team, are happy. Happy is good because with it comes energy, creativity, productivity, and ultimately, success.


Want proof that my team is a merry bunch?


New Years Eve 2016: the office was dark, the door locked and my team was all on vacation. It was hours before the countdown to 2017 when I spontaneously started receiving messages expressing thanks for all the year’s fun, and looking forward to the adventure that was about to begin.

Imagine - they were on vacation, spending time with family and friends. And they wrote that they couldn’t wait to get back to work. Fireworks outside, CEO waterworks inside.


So what’s our secret?


Putting a smile on your team’s faces isn’t all about having a slide in the middle of the office (or even having enough space for it). But even in our short time together, the My Esteeme team has already begun to build up our own company culture.


Here’s three of our best-practices to make our workplace happy and productive everyday of the year:


1. Random acts of workplace kindness


Think cupcakes, new markers and the occasional bottle of wine to drink for celebrations, failures, and for no reason at all.


2. Celebrate accomplishments


We’ve dedicated space for a Milestone wall where we’ve recorded (and illustrated with our fancy markers!) our achievements. When you’re a startup, the days fly by at breakneck speed and it’s easy to forget how far you’ve come. It’s also helpful to look at when you’re having a bad day.


3. Go Bananas


Remember that wine? Afterwork team-building has brought us closer and has allowed us to train both our creativity and laugh-muscles.


The best part?


We don’t have any New Year’s resolutions. We already know the recipe for success: believe in your idea, work hard, and have a great and happy team.

Yes, we’re all young. Yes, we’re a startup. And yes, we’re an all international and female company. Hear us roar in 2017!


Feel free to contact me at: leslie@myesteeme.com or follow me on Twitter: @lesalfredsson

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